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While people are aware of burns, they are still uneducated about the extent to which they can occur.

    Emma also appeared to be in her early twenties and is friends with Frida. She had a similar reaction to our questions as Frida did. Her answer to the question “How aware are you of burn risks” was also quite interesting. She said, “Yeah, when I’m in the kitchen I guess. You know, basic fire safety.” Hot water, electrical, and chemical burns are all things that Emma does not think about frequently. She was very receptive to the idea as well and said it was something she would definitely want to know more about and consider giving her time to the organization. No photo or contact info.



“Burn risks are not on the mind of the hotel because they are not a liability for the hotel, it’s in the parents.”

     Alex is the hotel manager for the Intercontinental hotel in San Francisco. She was not able to give many specifics as to what exactly the hotel does, but she was able to give us cards for people higher up in the hotel who could answer more specific information. When asked about if she felt burn risks were on the mind of the hotel she replied, “Burn risks are not on the mind of the hotel because they are not a liability for the hotel, it’s in the parents.” She informed us that the hotel pretty much just does the bare minimum to stay up to fire codes. We also got some helpful information regarding partnerships. She told us that the hotel is often open to partnering with nonprofits and charities. This is incredibly important at a hotel like the Intercontinental, which houses some of the most high powered individuals that come through the city.



"Personally would not be interested...know at least one person who probably would."

     John was a younger man sitting in the park. He said that he donates for an organization that helps out injured owls. He wants a cause that he knows about and cares about when deciding to offer his time and money. He wasn’t overly concerned with burn risks and said that he personally would not be interested in an organization that educated about burn risks and/or provided support to young burn victims, but he said he knew at least one person who probably would.



She would be willing to have someone come in and talk to kids about burn prevention.

     When asked whether she volunteers, she said that she does, however, the cause she’s volunteering for is something that has to be close to home. She mentioned that when people she knows and cares about are directly affected by something, that motivates her to volunteer with an organization. As a child, her parents prevented her from getting burned by telling her not to play with fire, touch the stove, and taught her fire prevention skills (stop, drop, and roll, etc). She also said that at her school they teach the kids about fire prevention. 


Kelly, Daniella, & Jude



     Kelly, Daniella, & Judea have never worked with a non-profit, however, they stated that when it came to creating change in the world, they prioritized social justice, education, and helping people with health issues. They also stated that their parents never took any action to prevent them from getting burned.


Frank, Kim, and Chris*

Mental health & financial support for burn victims is very important.

    When asked if they have done anything to prevent their small child from getting burned, they responded by saying that they kept her away from pots, electrical cords, and hot beverages. The mother also mentioned that is a nurse that often works with burns, and is aware that the disfigurement caused by burns causes a lot of self-esteem issues and suffering.\

*signifies people wishing to remain anonymous

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