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Most school districts and universities in the Sacramento region and Bay Area have temporarily closed due to hazardous air pollution caused by wildfires.


If you are a resident of this area, it is advised that you follow these recommended safety precautions:​

  • Wear highly rated (N95-N100) masks that block fine air pollutants

  • Run home ventilation systems to filter air

  • Change air filters in homes and offices frequently to maximize circulation

  • Sign up for air quality alerts at

  • Limit time spent outdoors and physical activity

  • Stay hydrated

If you need to prepare to evacuate:

  • Move furniture to the center of rooms

  • Take down drapes and curtains to prevent combustion

  • Shut off natural gas from sources

  • Turn on the lights so firefighters can see through the smoke easily

  • Remain calm

  • Close air vents when driving

  • Turn headlights on

  • Keep car doors unlocked in case an emergency rescue is necessary

  • Document the damage to your property

Health Concerns

Why is wildfire smoke harmful?

  • Contains carbon monoxide and other toxic gases

  • Particulate matter (PM) larger than 10 micrometers: irritates eyes, nose, and throat

  • PM 2.5 micrometers or smaller: inhaled into the lungs, causes serious health concerns


Effects of poor air quality on health:

  • Persistent cough, shortness of breath

  • Rapid increase in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat

  • Watery or dry eyes, and headaches

Groups of people who are most susceptible:

  • People affected by:

    • Asthma

    • Respiratory disease

    • Cardiovascular disease

  • People who are

    • Under 10 years old or over 65 years old

    • Pregnant

    • Chronic smokers

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