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Like Ya, 3-year-old Qi lived in a home without a proper water heating system. Qi's family stored their hot water, which was boiled on a stovetop, in a 3-foot-tall water thermos. Qi was playing around one day when he picked up the thermos and started running around the house with it. Qi lost his footing and fell over, causing the glass thermos to explode. Piping hot water flew all over Qi, burning him on both knees and his left foot. Qi will be having a skin graft surgery (transplant) at the site of his third degree burn on his left foot.

Ashley's Story

Ashley suffered a 2nd degree burn to her chest and a 3rd degree burn to her left arm at 18 months old. She pulled at a towel hanging just above her head, oblivious of the tea kettle sitting on top of it. The doctor performed a debridement and skin graft to the site of her 3rd degree burn, using scalp as the donor site. Since then, Ashley spent many months of her toddler years in recovery.

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