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Jian Bo

When​​ Jian Bo was 6 years old, living in Yang Zhou, China, he suffered from 2nd degree burns. His grandmother put an electric heater in his bed to warm him up on a cold winter night, and Jian Bo fell asleep with it burning next to his foot. Unbeknownst to Jian Bo's grandma, the electric heater was malfunctioning and the heat setting was at a level much higher than what would be considered safe. After Jian Bo woke up, layers of skin on his legs and feet had already melted, leaving him unable to walk. 


When Xing was 5 and a half, he took his mom's pointy and long metal knitting needles. While his parents were at work, Xing was playing around when he stuck the needles into an electrical outlet, immediately charging and raising the temperature of the metal. After realizing what he had done, he grabbed and pulled the needles out of the outlet. The scorching needles melted through layers of skin and muscle in his hands. Covered in blood and panicking, Xing waved his hands around to free the needles, which were stuck in his hands, but the damage had already been done— the metal rods grazed over and burned parts of his face, arms, and chest. Xing will be receiving a skin graft surgery (transplant) for his third degree burns.  


4-year-old Ya lives with her Grandma in rural An-hui, China. Since many families in rural China don't have access to and can't afford to maintain water heating systems, they produce warm water by mixing water at room temperature with water boiled on a stove. One cold night, Ya's grandma was preparing a warm bath for Ya. Ya's grandma poured the boiling water into the tub, but before the bath water was mixed and cooled down, Ya jumped into the tub. Ya burned her entire left side and suffered deep third degree burns from her foot all the way up to her thigh. 

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